tirsdag 15. juli 2008

Captain Not Responsible- Burning the midnight discography

Captain Not Responsible var/consisted of:
Tor Idar Pedersen-Vocals
Geir Petter "dyret" Jensen-drums
Børre Løvik-guitar, vocals, bass(Ship of fools cd)
Roger Andreassen-guitar, vocals(->CNR cd)
Tom Andreassen-bass(->Chernobyl cd)
Jo Raknes-bass(Ship of Fools cd)
B.T.-Bass(Ship of Fools cd)

Captain Not Responsible 7"(Heart First Records, Beat 021/1994)
Self pity
Man behind the wheel

*På svart og blank transparent vinyl
*On black and blank seethrough vinyl

Captain Not Responsible cdep(Zone Production AS Zone Z94006/1994)
Self pity/the latest new order/amnesia/No colombo tonight/This might be my second last beer/Another day

Ship Of fools cd(Friendly Cow Records Horn 274/1997)
Ship of fools/Kev's song/No excuses/doing time/Springtime/These shoes/Unfriendly neighbourhood/There are times/Midnigth lamp/Unamazing story


Chernobyl endless tragedy cd (Friendly Cow Records ?/1996)
CNR låt/track: Springtime

Live at St.Croix Fredrikstad....Norway lp (Dead Cool Records DC 003/1997)
CNR låt/track: The burning of the midnight lamp

*Tatt opp 16-12-94.På hvit vinyl og med hefte
*Recorded 16-12-94.On white vinyl and with booklet

CNR link1

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