torsdag 17. september 2009

Within Range-Statens diskografi

Within Range var/consisted of:
Eirik "Billy" Nordheim-Bass, vocals
Hans K. Gaard-Guitar-vocals
Stian Løken-drums

Within Range live at UFFA, Trondheim, Norway-90(?)

Within Range lp (Within Range WR001/X-port(Distribution only)/1989)
Side W: You think you're though/Falsness/Livin in a microwave/What a man!/Pumpin Iron/Rock'n'Roll inq./Fuckin' scout
Side R: Don't forget/Warning/Not just a dream/National Feelings/When/Ty Musis rozumet!/Get out

*Kommer med tekstark
*Comes with lyrics sheet

Take care lp (Within Range WR002/Knallsyndikatet KS043)
Side A: Take care/Tied up/Television/Like a clown/Zombies/When peace is war/The crutch
Side B: N.W.C/This time /Ain't my funeral/Unchained/Statens menn/You've got the right/Testube

*Kommer med tekstark
*Comes with lyrics sheet


Blitz Hitz
2xlp/tape(Blitz Recording BZ8910/1989)
WR låt/track: Warmachine

*2 pressinger. Kommer med ekstra nr av Smørsyra (Blitz avisa)
*2 pressings. Comes with a special edition of Smørsyra (The Blitz paper)

1 edition

2 edition
Blitz Live Hitz vol I tape(Blitz Recordings/1990)
WR låt/track: Warning

Blitz Live Hitz vol II tape (Blitz Recordings/1990)
WR låt/track: Statens menn/My funeral

* I iallefall ett opplag a 300 ex
*At least one pressing a 300 ex

Subbacultcha!-The invasion of the norwegian underground cd/tape (Progress Records PRO-007/1992)
WR låt/track: Midnight Freak

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