torsdag 26. juni 2008

Crossbreed-Ain't no release from discography

Crossbreed var/consisted of:
Steve Allen-guitar
Jon Hveding-guitar
Christian Larsen-drums
Per Christian "Pekka" Helme-bass
Kenneth Eggen-Vocals (on "ep")
Gunnar Nuven-vocals (on "Ain't no release from fear)

Ep cds (Siri Rekkårdz/1994)
Darkness/Into the night of battery/Massage of doom/Die

Ain't no release from fear cdep (Siri Rekkårdz 014/1995)
Hatefull world/Ain't no release from fear/Down for count/This is it/Surrounded


Siri 5.0 cd (Siri Rekkårdz ?/2000)
CB låt/track: This is it

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