torsdag 26. juni 2008

T.O.A.M.O.L- Tragedy of a discography

T.O.A.M.O.l. var/consisted of:
Dirk Dee-guitars, b vocal
Ron Jay-guitars, b vocal
Dan Bjerkan-bass, b vocals

Tragedy Of A Mind Once Lost (Heart First Records, beat 036/2005)
Sucked in/justified torture
Race of tales/Toamol
Once lost/Realm of lies

*ordinær versjon er grått cover med Svart/hvitt trykk. Spesialversjon er svart cover med brunt/hvit trykk. Begge er silketrykket utbrettscover.
*Ordinary version is grey cover with black/white print. Special version is black cover with brown/white print. Both is screened printed fold out cover.

Heart First Records

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Chino HxCx sa...

Great blog Kjelli!

Thanks for visiting my blog with bands from Peru. You've been linked.

Kjelli sa...

Thanx. I have linked you up too. If you are looking for anything/want to check out something send me a mail an we can work something out